Teh Kon Hu & Associates is officially incorporated. Teh Kon moves his practice out of the basement and into an office on 79th and Stateline. No longer a moonlighting operation, full time employees are hired. Concentration is on healthcare, assisted living, and commercial projects.


Teh Kon Hu & Associates becomes HJM Architects and moves to the Missouri side of 79th & Stateline. Projects types now include United States Postal Service, retail, and k-12 educational projects. Designs are recognized and awards are received.


HJM Architects begins working in China. Clients are mostly Fortune 500 companies seeking assistance with expanding in the daunting and unknown design/construction environment that is China.


Three projects are completed in India. One wins a design award.


Russia here we come.


A drunk driver collides into our office building…


HJM receives “Best Adaptive Reuse” award from the AIA Monsters of Design for the Lyric Opera of Kansas City: Richard J. Stern Center.